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Animal care facility seeking energetic Part Time Pet Care Giver to be cross trained between our Central Bark Doggy Day Care service and pet boarding services. This is a permanent part time, physical job that would entail:

  • Caring for and supervising play groups of dogs including, playing with dogs, working on manners, brushing, petting, holding, crating, leashing, feeding, medicating, cleaning up after dogs, etc.
  • Caring for pets in our boarding areas: feeding, medicating, cleaning, petting, playing.
  • Lifting, twisting and bending. Able to lift or move a minimum of 50 pounds. Standing or bending for long periods of time.
  • Cleaning duties such as cleaning up dog waste and cat waste, sweeping, mopping, dusting, disinfecting, shoveling, cleaning crates, cleaning out garbage cans and bathing dogs.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Personal or Industry Pet Care experience
  • Able to work weekdays, weekends AND holidays
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Efficient, detailed and highly motivated
  • Ability to define problems, analyze emergencies and think on your feet

All resumes MUST be accompanied by a completed Harmony Pet Clinic employment application. The application can be found online at or at our facility. We ask that you drop off your application and resume in person at 1208 Dolphin Ct, Waukesha, 53186; Monday – Friday 7am – 6pm.  Details of position will be discussed at time of interview; including hours, salary, benefits, bringing your dog to work, expectations, etc.


Keep checking back, we’ll post them here first! We are always accepting applications so feel free to fill out the form below and email it to or drop by to hand it in.

We look forward to meeting a new member of our team!


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Laser Surgery: Innovative Surgery with Minimal Trauma

State-of-the-art laser surgery delivers superior results with the least trauma for your pet. We employ this revolutionary technique for everything from routine neutering to the most complex soft tissue procedures. Laser surgery benefits your pets in a variety of ways:

  • Less Pain – The laser seals nerve endings as well as lymph ducts as it cuts, resulting in less swelling and pain that leads to a more comfortable post-operative recovery.
  • Reduced risk of infection – CO2 laser surgery is a “no touch” technology. The laser beam kills bacteria in its path, producing a sanitizing effect.
  • Quicker recovery time – Reduced risk of infection, less bleeding, less swelling, and less pain often allow the patient a more rapid return to normal activities.

Orthopedic Surgery

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon offers a variety of advanced treatments for pets suffering from disorders of the skeleton. All patients receive individualized care in our quiet, state-of-the-art facility for a peaceful recovery experience.

  • Knees – Surgical correction of patellar luxations and cranial cruciate tears including Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO)
  • Hips – Therapy and/or correction of degenerative joint disease (arthritis) and dysplasia
  • Elbows – fragmented coronoid process and dysplasia • Shoulders – osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • Stem cell therapy – for the treatment of arthritis

General Anesthesia

Safe general anesthesia during surgery is the most common concern for pet owners. At Harmony Pet Clinic we have the staff and support equipment to carefully monitor your pet during surgery. We take extra steps for the wellbeing and safety of your pet. For all patients undergoing general anesthesia:

  • Dedicated certified veterinary technician – unlike most clinics, at HPC every surgical patient is monitored by a highly trained and licensed veterinary technician – never lay staff
  • IV fluid therapy – anesthetized patients are carefully hydrated via IV catheter during all anesthetic procedures and this portal allows us to give medications as needed
  • Noninvasive Blood Pressure – monitoring the patient’s blood pressure allows us to keep them stable and detect problems that might otherwise go unnoticed
  • Electrocardiography – allows us to monitor the patient’s cardiac function
  • Pulse oximetry – shows us oxygen saturation of the blood to determine if the patient is breathing adequately
  • Pain control – all patients are given analgesics for pain prior to and after surgical procedures in our hospital. Most patients are discharged with pain medication to be used at home after surgery with the length of treatment depending on the anticipated recovery time.
Laser Surgery